See the entire page explanation in the May 17, 2020 hard copy bulletin at church for details regarding 1. rescheduling the Baby Bottle Campaign, 2. how to meet and greet Tim Tebow at their annual banquet, 3. only a virtual campaign drive at this time, 4. what to do with bottle picked up from LaVie, 5. what needs toes laVie have at this time?

Trinity Lutheran CAmp registration is available online at: As of today we are hopeful that we will have a Camp season this summer. Instead of our usualo, %75 deposit, we have lowered that to a $10 non-refundable registration fee whe you register your camper. In the event that your camp is cancelled due to the Covid-19, we will mail you an awesome 2020 camp t-shirt. See the for more information.

If the camp is opened we will offer a family camp on the weekend of June 19-21. Families will be able to assume the responsibility for the risk of staying together in cabins. We will inform our congregations about this as soon as possible. Kids camp may not be available this year. Montana District LCMS.

God’s Reign in Spain Newsletters from Pastor Warner and the April Montana Reflections fromt the district office are on the kiosk. Copies of both are on the informational wall next to the east sanctuary doors.

Sunday School has been canceled for the remainder of May. We look forward to seeing the children again this coming September. ~ Robin Z.

Another box of 82 pairs of eyeglasses has been mailed to MOST Ministries for use in their eyeglass ministries in some of the poorest countries in the world. A big THANK YOU to Mount Olive members who have donated their used eyeglasses to this project. This is an on-going project of the LWML Mary and Martha Dorcas Ciricle; so please continue to donate your used eyeglasses and non-prescription sunglasses.

Mary and Martha LWML are collecting supplies for health kits for Orphan Grain Train and Lutheran World Relief. Lists of supplies are on the table by the secretary’s office. Supplies and/or kits may be placed in the boxes under the table by July 5. “Personal Care” Kits will be sent to Lutheran World Relief when the truck for LWR will be in Mount Olive’s parking lot on July 11. “Hygiene” Kits will be given to Orphan Grain Train when a truk from Orphan Grain Train’s main office and warehouse will be at the Montana District LWML. Convention to be held at Trinity Lutheran Church on July 17-19.